Trade on Arbitrum PancakeSwap Perpetual v2 to win 300,000 ARB

We're excited to collaborate with APX Finance for their ARB Incentive Season featuring a generous reward pool of 300,000 ARB tokens! The campaign spans 11 weeks and includes tasks such as a weekly reward pool of 25,000 ARB tokens and a special weekly airdrop of 2,000 ARB tokens for a lucky trader. The 300,000 ARB reward pool is split between trades made on APX Finance and trades via Arbitrum PancakeSwap Perpetual v2. Join us today on Arbitrum PancakeSwap Perpetual v2 to participate and seize your chance to earn these exciting rewards!

Campaign Period:

From June 18, 2024, 00:00 (UTC) to September 2, 2024, 23:59 (UTC)

The campaign is divided into weekly periods, with each week starting on Tuesday at 00:00 UTC and ending on Monday at 23:59 UTC.

Eligibility: Trades made on APX Finance and trades via Arbitrum PancakeSwap Perpetual v2

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1: June 18, 00:00 UTC to June 24, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 2: June 25, 00:00 UTC to July 1, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 3: July 2, 00:00 UTC to July 8, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 4: July 9, 00:00 UTC to July 15, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 5: July 16, 00:00 UTC to July 22, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 6: July 23, 00:00 UTC to July 29, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 7: July 30, 00:00 UTC to August 5, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 8: August 6, 00:00 UTC to August 12, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 9: August 13, 00:00 UTC to August 19, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 10: August 20, 00:00 UTC to August 26, 23:59 UTC 2024

Week 11: August 27, 00:00 UTC to September 2, 23:59 UTC 2024

🔗 Start trading on Arbitrum PancakeSwap Perpetuals v2 now:

How to Participate and Earn Rewards:

1️⃣ Trading Grind with Weekly Rewards of 25,000 ARB:

25,000 ARB tokens will be distributed weekly among all the participants based on the trading volume and fee tiers. You must complete a minimum accumulated trading volume of $5,000 to qualify. Trade more to move to higher tiers and share bigger rewards.

Tier Criteria and Weights:

First Tier: Trading volume >= $5,000 (1x weightage)

Second Tier: Trading volume >= $5M (3x weightage)

Third Tier: Trading volume >= $20M (5x weightage)

Check your rank on the leaderboard and claim your weekly reward here:

Reward Calculation:

At the end of each week, ARB rewards will be calculated using the following formula:

𝑟= 𝑅×𝑊/ ∑(𝑊𝑖)

r: Amount of ARB reward to the user of each epoch/week

R: Total reward of the current week (25,000 ARB)

f= users trading fee contribution (in $)

W: Weight corresponding to the user's tier level, W= max (f*w,0)

∑(𝑊𝑖): Total weight score of all users. Wi represents the weight of any user, and sum (Wi) represents the sum weight of all users.

w= acceleration multiplier, calculated based on the total volume by the user in the current epoch

2️⃣ Lucky Airdrop:

For the first 10 weeks, one trader will win a lucky airdrop of 2,000 ARB each week. In the 11th week, one trader will win 5,000 ARB tokens! To qualify, complete a minimum volume of $5,000 on Arbitrum PancakeSwap Perpetual v2.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Rewards will be distributed every Tuesday around 08:00 (UTC). You must claim your rewards within 7 days; otherwise, they will be revoked.
  • Only trades done via Arbitrum PancakeSwap Perpetual V2 qualify.
  • The fees for different trading pairs on v2 vary, leading to differences in individual rewards even when the trading volume is identical.
  • APX Finance runs this campaign, and their users' trading volumes are combined in the leaderboard.
  • Lucky airdrop rewards are directly airdropped to winners' wallet addresses. Other weekly rewards must be claimed within 7 days from the leaderboard.

Start trading now and participate in this campaign:

Learn more by reading the APX main announcement

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