Get Your Uniswap Interface Fees Refunded on PancakeSwap, up to $8M!
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In the dynamic world of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), recent changes in Uniswap’s fee structure have left many traders searching for alternatives. With Uniswap implementing a 0.25% interface fee, users are experiencing high transaction costs. But fear not! PancakeSwap, the leading multichain DEX, is here to offer a solution. This campaign promises lower fees, better prices, and refunds for the excess fees (interface fees) up to 8 Million USD you've paid on Uniswap. Join us in the movement to reclaim your fees and easily trade on PancakeSwap.

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How to Get Your Uniswap Interface Fees Refunded

Step 1: Check eligibility: You can join this campaign if you traded on the Uniswap frontend between 1 Jan 2024 00:00 UTC and 31 Mar 2024 23:59 UTC with a minimum accumulated volume of $5,000 in WBTC and/or WETH pairs on the Ethereum chain.

Uniswap frontend refers to any trade conducted through the Uniswap website and routed via UniversalRouter. You can easily check your eligibility by entering your address on the Dune dashboard.

Step 2: Match your Ethereum Uniswap volume 1:1 on Ethereum PancakeSwap v3 in eligible pairs (WBTC and/or WETH pairs) during the campaign period (from 16 May 2024, 12:00 PM UTC to 15 Aug 2024, 23:59 UTC), and we'll reimburse your entire Uniswap interface fee. Note: You must use the same wallet address for the trades on both Uniswap and PancakeSwap to qualify for the campaign

For example, if you've traded an accumulated volume of $1,000,000 on Uniswap frontend between Jan 1, 2024, and Mar 31, 2024, with WBTC and/or WETH pairs (such as WBTC/USDT, WETH/USDC, WETH/WETH, PEPE/WETH, etc.) on the Ethereum chain, paying a $1500 Uniswap interface fee, trading the same volume 1:1 ($1,000,000) on Ethereum PancakeSwap v3 with WBTC and/or WETH pairs during the campaign period (from May 16 to Aug 15) would lead to a full refund of the $1500 Uniswap interface fee.

Step 3: Track your Uniswap volume, interface fees paid, PancakeSwap Volume, and eligibility on the Dune dashboard by entering your wallet address:

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Step 4: Once you meet the criteria from steps 1 to 3, you can fill in this form to participate in the campaign and reclaim your fees:

Please remember that to qualify for the Uniswap interface refund, YOU MUST complete all steps 1 to 4 outlined in the campaign. Missing any of these steps will result in disqualification from the refund program.

Additional Benefits of Trading on PancakeSwap!

1. No Interface Fees: Say goodbye to high interface fees. At PancakeSwap, you won't pay any interface fees, allowing you to trade freely.

2. Lowest Trading Fees: Enjoy one of the industry’s lowest fees. Starting from just 0.01%, you'll save money on every trade.

3. Best Prices: We offer the best prices for swaps, ensuring you get the most value out of your trades.

4. Earn Points: In addition to the interface fee refund, all qualified participants will be eligible for points allocation, which can be redeemed for exclusive opportunities in the future.

Trade on Ethereum PancakeSwap here:


We understand you may have questions about the campaign, so here are some frequently asked questions:

Q1: Am I eligible for an interface fee refund if I trade on other chains?

Ans: No, only trades made from eligible pairs, WBTC and/or WETH pairs, on the Ethereum Uniswap front end qualify for a refund, You MUST ALSO trade the same amount 1:1 on Ethereum PancakeSwap v3 to be eligible for the interface fee refund.

However, you can trade on PancakeSwap across eight chains (Base, Arbitrum, zkSync, Linea, Polygon zkEVM, BNB Chain, opBNB, and Aptos) to save interface fees and trade at the lowest fees.

Q2: If I can't match the 1:1 trading volume, will I get a partial interface fee refund?

Ans: No, you must match the 1:1 trading volume to get a full refund. If you traded $5k volume on Ethereum Uniswap front end, then make sure to trade $5k on Ethereum PancakeSwap v3.

Q3: If I used Uniswap before 1 Jan 2024 or after 31 Mar 2024, am I also eligible for a refund of the Uniswap interface fee?

Ans: No, only users who traded between 1 Jan 2024 00:00 UTC to 31 Mar 2024 23:59 UTC are eligible for the refund.

Q4: Who qualifies for the interface fee refund?

Ans: If you traded on Ethereum Uniswap front end between 1 Jan 2024 00:00 UTC and 31 Mar 2024 23:59 UTC with an accumulated minimum volume of $5k in WBTC and/or WETH pair, AND match that volume on Ethereum PancakeSwap v3 during the campaign from 16 May 2024, 12:00 PM UTC to 15 Aug 2024 23:59 UTC, you will get all your interface fee refunded.

Q5: Do I need to complete the 1:1 volume in one trade, or can I reach it through multiple trades?

Ans: No such condition exists to match the volume in one trade; you can reach the required volume through multiple swaps. Your cumulative total volume should match your previous trades on Ethereum Uniswap's front end.

Q6: Where can I check the progress of my volume, fee, and eligibility, and how can I apply for the fee refund?

Ans: You can check your eligibility, volume, fee, etc., on this dune dashboard by simply entering your wallet address:

To apply for the interface fee refund, please fill out this form:

Q7: I've matched 1:1 trading volume. When will I receive the interface fee refund in my wallet?

Ans: We'll distribute it within four weeks after the campaign ends.

Q8: Will trades/Swaps be routed through a DEX aggregator count?

Ans: Swaps made via a DEX aggregator WILL NOT be counted in the volume. Please use

Q9: Does my volume also have to match the exact pairs on Ethereum PancakeSwap v3 as I traded on Ethereum Uniswap front end? For example, if I traded $10,000 in the WBTC/USDT pair on the Ethereum Uniswap front end, does this mean I have to trade $10,000 in WBTC/USDT on Ethereum PancakeSwap v3 to qualify, or can it be any other pair?

Ans: You can trade in any eligible pair. You just need to match your volume with a 1:1 ratio, it can be any eligible WBTC and/or WETH pair on Ethereum PancakeSwap v3.

If you have more questions, join our community on Telegram or Discord, and we will be happy to answer them.


  • PancakeSwap reserves the right to change the campaign rules to address potential cheating or unforeseen circumstances.
  • PancakeSwap reserves the right to decide on all matters related to the campaign, including but not limited to participant eligibility.

Join us in the movement to reclaim your fees and trade with low fees on PancakeSwap. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save on fees and be part of the movement to get your interface fees back!

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