Interviews in the Kitchen: Chef Oreo, flipping the community sentiment!

Dear PancakeSwap Enthusiasts and CAKE Holders,

Get ready for another delectable serving of 'Interviews In the Kitchen'! Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to a key architect behind the PancakeSwap phenomenon – Chef Oreo, our esteemed Community Manager.

In the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance, Chef Oreo has been the guiding force behind PancakeSwap's vibrant community. His passion for DeFi and commitment to community building have contributed to the growth and success of PancakeSwap, making it a household name in the crypto space.

Join us as we uncover the secret ingredients to PancakeSwap's community magic and explore Chef Oreo's journey in this whirlwind of decentralized excitement. 🥞👨‍🍳🌟

Chef Fran🧉: ¡Hey Oreo! We know each other among colleagues. How are you? Could you tell us briefly about your background and how you came to PancakeSwap?

Chef Oreo🍪: Hi Fran, I'm good; I hope you're also well. I've been in the crypto space for over six years. The first time I heard about Bitcoin, it piqued my interest, and I wanted to learn more about it. That's how my journey began. And then slowly, In 2020, with the rise of DeFi, I discovered PancakeSwap in the early days, just like everyone else. I started using it as a user and was thoroughly impressed with the platform. In 2022, I had the opportunity to join the PancakeSwap team. I never imagined I'd be working with the same platform I used as a user in 2020. But I got the opportunity to join, and since then, it has been a good journey.

Chef Fran🧉: PancakeSwap has a vibrant and engaged community. What strategies and initiatives have you used to foster and maintain this level of community engagement?

Chef Oreo🍪: PancakeSwap's community is one of the best in crypto. Our focus has always been on working for the community, listening to their feedback, and addressing their needs. This approach has been part of our story from day one and will remain our guiding principle. The community is what makes PancakeSwap truly special. To keep our community engaged and growing, we've launched numerous community-centric campaigns where users can participate, and the response has been fantastic. We hope to see the same support from the community for our future campaigns. They're designed for you to participate.

We also conduct quarterly AMAs with the community to answer your questions and update you about our development and roadmap. Our dedicated ambassadors are always there to support and relay valuable feedback to us. If you ever need assistance or want to share feedback, please get in touch with us on our social channels like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. Our ambassadors are committed to helping, and your feedback is invaluable. I want to thank our ambassadors for their tireless dedication to the community.

Chef Fran🧉: DeFi can be complex for newcomers. How does PancakeSwap work to make DeFi more accessible to a broader audience, and what advice do you have for those new to the space?

Chef Oreo🍪: Until you don't learn and use it, everything looks complex. When you don't know how to walk, walking also looks complicated, but once you start walking, you also start running. Similarly, DeFi may appear complex to newcomers until you haven't learned and used it, but once you know and start using it, you'll love it. DeFi is the future. The first rule of DeFi is to safeguard your private keys and recovery phrases of your wallet. Treat them as your ATM PIN; imagine giving your ATM to someone and telling him the PIN; what would happen to you? SCAM? Money will be taken out from the ATM; similarly, if you give your private key/recovery phrase to anyone, that scammer will remove your funds from the wallet.

Always protect your wallet first. Never share the key with anyone. Trust yourself and be cautious when securing your wallets. To learn more about Defi and the different products of PancakeSwap, PancakeSwap has an academy section on our blog where you can gain knowledge. Several other educational platforms are also available to help you understand DeFi better. We will continue to focus on educating users about DeFi. PancakeSwap's user interface is simple and user-friendly, even more than traditional finance. Start slowly, learn, trust yourself, and secure your wallets.

Chef Fran🧉: We know that the role of a community manager has evolved significantly over time, taking on a unique position within this ecosystem. What does being a Community Manager mean to you, and what do you enjoy most? Would you ever consider taking on a different role?

Chef Oreo🍪: The community has been the backbone of PancakeSwap's growth over the last three years, and it will continue to be a cornerstone in PancakeSwap's growth for many more years. Being a community manager means focusing on the community's needs, listening to their feedback, and prioritizing the community's perspective.

What makes the community so unique is the opportunity to learn new things from them, which I thoroughly enjoy. There's always more to learn and do. I'll also work on product marketing to help grow the PancakeSwap further.

Chef Fran🧉: I feel you’re one of the most efficient bunnies regarding tasks. Being super organized is a valuable trait. How do you manage and prioritize tasks within the PancakeSwap community, and what tools or strategies do you find most effective in staying organized?

Chef Oreo🍪: I've learned a lot from my fellow bunnies. Working with them has been a tremendous educational experience. When planning any task, my primary focus is always on the community, what the community wants and what they'll like. I don't plan things as a Bunny or Community Manager; I plan them as a community member. When working on a task, I put in all the effort to prioritize my tasks. Sometimes, you need to work tirelessly for 24 hours also, but it's essential to keep your end goal in mind and give it everything for that. We also have an excellent team of marketing bunnies, and I receive valuable input from my fellow bunnies to improve our efforts. It's a collaborative effort. I'm always learning from my fellow bunnies to make things better and make their jobs easier.

Chef Fran🧉: We are very used to seeing and receiving messages about having scammers impersonating us in the group. The same goes for ambassadors. What safety tips could you give to the community?

Chef Oreo🍪: Scammers exist everywhere, and there is no place in the world where they don't. Their job is to deceive you, so your job should be to outsmart them and protect yourself from scams. Scammers use various tactics, and the best way to protect yourself is through education. Here are a few steps to safeguard yourself in Defi:

  1. Never share your private keys or recovery phrases with anyone. Admins or chefs will never ask for this information; only scammers will request it. Trust no one except yourself.
  2. Admins or chefs will never initiate a direct message (DM) with you first. If you're already in a group discussion, stay within the group. Scammers might DM you using fake admin or chef names, but remember that scammers are the only ones who will do this. Remain in the group, and you won't be scammed. Have patience, Verify it in group.
  3. Follow official social media channels from the official website and double-check the domain name for authenticity. Bookmark official websites.
  4. Never click on unknown or random links or interact with unfamiliar smart contracts. If you're engaging in risky new coins, consider using different wallets for different purposes to safeguard your assets. Use a different wallet for high-risk or unknown projects.
  5. Remember that PancakeSwap does not have a support team. Be vigilant and cautious about anyone claiming to be part of a support team on any social media.

Chef Fran🧉: To finalize, would you tell us how you spend your free time when you're not busy with tasks?

Chef Oreo🍪: In my free time, which might not be ordinary, I often think about future tasks, what more, and how it could be done. However, when I'm free from work, I play video games, watch sports or watch movies.

Thank you for joining us in this insightful and inspiring conversation with Chef Oreo, the heartbeat of PancakeSwap's thriving community.

Stay connected, stay informed, and keep flipping those pancakes! Until next time!

Chef Fran 🧉

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