How to Bridge Tokens from ETH Mainnet to Linea

Hello to our PancakeSwap family! This guide will assist you in moving tokens from the Ethereum network (ETH Mainnet) to the vibrant world of Linea.

In this guide, we'll break down the process of token bridging, ensuring you can smoothly operate PancakeSwap on Linea and make the most of what our platform brings to the table.

1-For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use ETH as an example. First, visit "". connect your wallet, follow the instructions, and switch to the Ethereum mainnet before executing the transaction.

Bridging to Linea 1.png

2-Next, enter the token amount you wish to deposit from the original network. After confirming that you're comfortable with the bridging fee, click "Start Bridging”. Your wallet will then prompt you to confirm the transaction.

Bridging to Linea 2.png

3-Be aware that the transaction might take a few minutes to complete. When you come back to the website, you'll see that the bridging process for your account is done! cc 2023-08-24T13_16_37.921Z.png

You're now ready to dive into Linea PancakeSwap! Have a fantastic experience! Don't miss the video tutorial we've put together for you. Watch it at:

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