Airdrop Carnival: Trade and Add LP to Win 9 Billion Zeek Coin ($MEOW) Airdrop on zkSync PancakeSwap

Welcome to the wild world of Zeek Coin ($MEOW) - the purrfect cat coin on zkSync! In the realm of meme tokens, $MEOW stands tall as the “mascot” of zkSync.

Zeek Coin is set to airdrop 9,000,000,000 $MEOW tokens to PancakeSwap users who participate in this Airdrop Carnival campaign from January 31st, 12:00 PM UTC, to March 1st, 23:59 UTC.

Part 1: Add LP in the $MEOW-ETH v2 Pair on zkSync PancakeSwap (5,000,000,000 $MEOW to be Airdropped)

Adding liquidity to the $MEOW-ETH v2 pair on zkSync PancakeSwap during the campaign is your ticket to a share of 5,000,000,000 $MEOW tokens. Your share is calculated based on your average individual LP seeded as a proportion of the average total LP seeded during the campaign, multiplied by the total reward pool.

Note: no removals of liquidity is allowed during the campaign period, otherwise your address will not be eligible. This campaign is designed for new users and new LP, so only LP added after the campaign goes live will qualify for the airdrop.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Average Individual User LP = Sum of individual LP seeded per day / 30 days

Average Total LP = Sum of all LP seeded per day / 30 days

Your individual share = (Average User LP / Average Total LP) * Total Reward Pool of 5,000,000,000 $MEOW

Add your LP in $MEOW-ETH v2 pair here:

For example, if your average LP value over 30 days is $100, and the total average LP by all users is $1,000, you will receive 500,000,000 $MEOW. To qualify for more shares, simply add more LP and for a longer duration during the campaign.

Remember not to remove any liquidity at all during the campaign, otherwise your address will not be eligible for rewards.

You can check your average LP and total share of the reward pool here:

Part 2: Trade a Minimum of $50 in $MEOW-ETH v2 Pair on zkSync PancakeSwap (3,000,000,000 $MEOW to be airdropped)

Trading competition is on! Every user who swaps a minimum of $50 in the $MEOW-ETH v2 pair on zkSync PancakeSwap during the promotion is eligible for a guaranteed reward pool of 3,000,000,000 $MEOW.

Top traders will be rewarded as follows:

1st place (1 winner): 250,000,000 $MEOW

2nd - 3rd place (2 winners): 125,000,000 $MEOW each

4th - 8th place (5 winners): 60,000,000 $MEOW each

9th - 18th place (10 winners): 30,000,000 $MEOW each

19th - 68th place (50 winners): 15,000,000 $MEOW each

Bonus: 1,150,000,000 $MEOW shared equally among all participants with a $50 trading volume.

Swap $MEOW-ETH here:

Check your ranking in the leaderboard to see if you're among the top traders:

Part 3: AMA (1,000,000,000 $MEOW to be airdropped)

Want to know more about the $MEOW token and the airdrop campaign? Join our Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on February 6th at 1300 UTC. Ask questions, participate in quizzes, engage with the community, and stand a chance to grab a share of the 1, 000,000,000 $MEOW reward pool. Follow our socials for AMA announcements and further details.

Important Notes:

  • Trading volume includes both buy and sell volume.
  • Rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the campaign ends.
  • All rewards will be distributed in $MEOW tokens.
  • Any removal of liquidity (partial or full) will invalidate your address for Part 1 of the campaign

**Disclaimer: **This campaign is not an endorsement of any specific coin. Please trade cautiously.

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