PancakeSwap Welcomes Pancake Mayor to Our Gaming Marketplace

Hello, PancakeSwap Community!

Today, we are overjoyed to share a thrilling development in our GameFi journey. As PancakeSwap launches its first-ever gaming marketplace, we welcome our second game partner, Pancake Mayor, into our family. This addition marks a significant milestone in our continuous evolution and our commitment to enriching the gaming experience within the DeFi space.

Pancake Mayor's first season starts at 1 PM UTC on 5th December, players are invited to the Mayor Tournament with an extra 7,000 CAKE in the first season!

Quick Access: Pancake Mayor Game Page


Introducing Pancake Mayor: The Heart of Strategy and Fun

Pancake Mayor, developed by the innovative BinaryX team, is a captivating city-building simulation game. It's a world where strategy meets fun, offering players a unique gaming experience. With Pancake Mayor, you embark on a journey to build and upgrade cities using the in-game currency 'Mayor Cash'. This game stands out with its 250 exciting levels, mini-games, and special events, all designed to provide an engaging and interactive gaming environment. Pancake Mayor's first season starts at 1 PM UTC on 5th December, players are invited to the Mayor Tournament with an extra 7,000 CAKE in the first season!

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Key Features of Pancake Mayor:

  • City-Building Simulation: Use Mayor Cash to construct and enhance your city across 250 levels.
  • Earn Mayor Cash: Participate in various game activities, including unique events and challenges.
  • CAKE Integration: Use CAKE to purchase Mayor Cash, enhancing your gameplay experience, and you may get CAKE and other tokens as a reward!
  • NFT Integration: PancakeSquad and Bunnies NFT holders can use their NFTs as in-game avatars, and that's just the beginning! Stay tuned for even more delightful surprises in the near future!
  • Engaging Mini-Games: Including the Spin the Wheel game, offering additional rewards and tools.
  • Special Events: Participate in events like CAKE blast and raid madness for additional rewards.
  • Team Events: Join forces in guild raids for team-based achievements and rewards.
  • Crypto Rewards: Earn and use CAKE as rewards in the game, with options to withdraw or reinvest in gameplay.

photo_6242179016035514523_x.jpg You can set your NFT as an avatar on the settings page.

Utilities of CAKE in Pancake Mayor

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In Pancake Mayor, the CAKE token plays a crucial role. Players can use CAKE to purchase various in-game items and advantages:

  • Energy & Mayor Cash: Additional Energy for more spins and cash for development.
  • Starter Pack: Offers players a boost at the beginning of their gaming journey.
  • Endless Treasures: Bundle pack of Mayor Cash and Energy, perfectly crafted to elevate your city-building journey in Pancake Mayor.
  • Crazy Vault Ticket: Provides access to Crazy Vault for additional special rewards and a chance to receive a major CAKE prize pool.

Players have multiple ways to earn CAKE in Pancake Mayor:

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  • Spin the Wheel: A fun way to earn CAKE.
  • Progress Through Chapters: Advancing in the game increases the amount of CAKE earned from the Spin the Wheel.
  • Mayor Tournament: Participate in personal or team tournaments to climb the leaderboard and earn CAKE.
  • Crazy Vault: A fast-paced game mode where players use CAKE to buy tickets, offering chances to win various rewards, including CAKE tokens.

For a deeper understanding of how these dynamic features work in Pancake Mayor, be sure to visit our comprehensive FAQ section.

Join the seasonal Mayor Tournament with us!

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Get ready for the Mayor Tournament, a highlight event in Pancake Mayor that spans 14 exhilarating days. Each game season features one Mayor Tournament, offering a well-paced competitive experience that keeps the community engaged and excited.

During the tournament, every action counts. Engage in activities like attacking other players' cities or digging for treasures to earn Moon points. Each action has its value:

  • Attack Blocked: Earn 4 Moon Points.
  • Standard Attack: Earn 5 Moon Points.
  • Dig: Earn 6 Moon Points.
  • Perfect Dig: Earn 8 Moon Points.

Accumulating these points opens the door to exchanging them for valuable rewards such as Energy, Mayor Cash, and CAKE!

Tournament Prize Pool Dynamics:

The excitement in the Mayor Tournament is fueled by its prize pool, contributed to by the CAKE spent by players during the tournament. As the season concludes:

  • 40% of the prize pool is distributed to top players based on their rankings
  • 30% is allocated as the starting pool for the next tournament season
  • 10% goes towards random draws in the daily Spin the Wheel

Mayor Tournament available once you reach Chapter 3 in your game. Whether you prefer to shine as an individual player or as part of a team, this feature adds an exciting layer of strategy and collaboration to your gaming experience.

Upcoming Updates and New Features

After our official launch, we're excited to move into Phase Two of PancakeMayor, focusing on adding Enhanced Gameplay Features. Here's what we're bringing to the table:

Phase 2

  • Pet System: Introducing Pancake Squads and Bunnies NFTs and BinaryX NFTs (Rh!noX NFT) as pets, enhancing the gaming experience and offering additional rewards.

Phase 3

  • Deck System: Players can collect cards with bonus attributes for power-ups and advanced strategies within the game.

Why Pancake Mayor is a Game-Changer

Pancake Mayor is more than just a game; it's a community and an experience. It's integrated with CAKE, tying it closely to the PancakeSwap ecosystem and providing players with additional ways to enjoy and benefit from their involvement in the game. Whether you're a seasoned city planner or a newcomer to the world of city-building simulations, Pancake Mayor offers a diverse and immersive experience.

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Your Gateway to Immersive Gaming

This is just the beginning of our journey into GameFi. With Pancake Mayor, we're expanding our gaming offerings and enhancing our community members' overall experience. We're committed to continually improving and introducing new, exciting elements to our platform.

Get Started with Pancake Mayor

Unleash your creativity and begin constructing your dream city now by visiting: Should any queries arise, our comprehensive FAQ blog is just a click away, ready to enhance your experience with valuable insights. Start your adventure today!

Happy Building!

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