Pancake Protectors frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the purpose of Pancake Bunnies and Squads in the game?

A: Pancake Bunnies and Squads are used to enhance your heroes' abilities. Each hero can be upgraded with only one Bunny or Squad, which can be applied via the "Heroes" section. You will be eligible to use Pancake Bunnies and Squads if you have the NFT in your wallet. Furthermore, you can seamlessly integrate your NFT into the in-game heroes and display it on your PancakeSwap profile at the same time!

Q: What are Normal and Exclusive NFTs?

A: Normal NFTs and Exclusive NFTs are ranking rewards we offer in campaigns. They are items that can add attributes to heroes in the game. To obtain them, you must achieve a high ranking on the leaderboard (details vary in different reward campaigns). Each NFT comes enclosed in a gift box, referred to as a surprise box, the contents of which are disclosed only upon opening. At the time of the reveal, the NFT is also minted directly into the player's wallet.

Normal NFTs:

Normal NFTs are utilized to boost the basic attributes of heroes. These NFTs can also be upgraded to unlock even more powerful effects.

They provide additional effect bonuses without altering the visual appearance of your characters. The maximum quantity of Normal NFTs available for each type is 150.

Normal NFT.jpg

Exclusive NFTs:

Exclusive NFTs are hero-specific and can only be worn by designated heroes. They offer effect bonuses and come with visual changes to your characters. Among the five types of Exclusive NFTs available, two represent the top faction - Light, while the remaining three belong to Sun, Storm, and Star factions. The maximum quantity of Exclusive NFTs available for each type is 30. Exclusive NFTs are specifically designed to be equipped on certain heroes, granting them new appearances and fancy combat effects.

Exclusive NFT.jpg

Difference between Normal and Exclusive NFTs (1).jpg

Q: What is Pancake Legendary MOMO?

Pancake Legendary MOMO serves a similar purpose as a Squad or Bunnies NFT, leveling up heroes with additional special skills. When considering the overall attribute effects, its power is approximately equivalent to 1.5 times that of a top-tier Squad NFT.

Q: What are MOBall and Mini MOBall?

A: MOBall is an item acting as a container to catch MOMO (NFT) on MOBOX platform. Mini MOBall is the first level of MOBall, more details about MOBall:

Q: Where to collect MOBall or Mini MOBall rewards?

A: You can collect MOBall and Mini MOBall rewards in MOBOX’s MOMOverse using the same wallet you connected in the game. Visit to learn more.

Q: Will my data reset when the season reboots?

A: Only ranking on leaderboard, legion battles (Merit rankings) will be reset after every season. You will retain your levels, heroes, and belongings in backpack into the next season!

Q: How do I check the seasonal rewards in-game?

A: Head to “Ranking” and choose “Total Prize Pool”, the page will showcase the most updated seasonal and legion battle prize pool to fight for!

Q: Will I receive a refund for the CAKE I used during the Beta test?

A: Within 24 hours after the Beta test concludes, we will refund the CAKE to your in-game account. **Please be kindly reminded that you'll need to manually transfer the CAKE from the in-game account to the same BSC wallet you connected in the game.

Q: What are the strategies to climb the leaderboards in the game?

A: To be the top players on Arena (Competitive Ranking Board) or Hero Chart (Consumption Ranking Board) in the "Ranking" section, you have to strive for victory in the Arena Challenges to earn Arena Stars; your leaderboard position improves as you get more stars. Meanwhile, expanding your collection of heroes will increase your hero points, which in turn boosts your standing on the Hero Leaderboard.

Q: Why did I not receive CAKE rewards after Legion Wars?

A: CAKE rewards go to each legion based on rank and contribution after Legion Wars. Higher contribution means more rewards.

Q: Why can't I sell certain heroes in the in-game marketplace?

A: The game permits only the sale of 1st-level CAKE heroes. These heroes can be obtained either during the seasonal play or bought directly from the in-game marketplace.

Q: What makes CAKE heroes different from regular heroes?

A: CAKE heroes have more benefits. They possess better trading value and have better attributes. Getting a CAKE hero (not from the marketplace) will also grant more hero points.

Q: I earned Exclusive NFT and Normal NFT. How can I claim them?

A: To claim your NFTs, you must first open your in-game backpack, find the "Exclusive NFT" or "Normal NFT" items, and click to use them. Please wait for a few seconds to receive your NFTs.

Q: What functions does CAKE serve in the game?

A: CAKE is versatile within the game and can be used for several purposes:

  • Recruit powerful CAKE Heroes in the seasonal system. Only CAKE heroes can be traded between players
  • Purchase gold, gift packages, and various rare resources and powerful items
  • Stake CAKE to earn additional resources
  • Obtain more challenge attempts and stamina in the arena to help you climb the rankings
  • Accelerate your progress and yield substantial profits, allowing you to level up faster

Q: I have CAKE in my wallet, but I can't see them in the game?

A: To see your CAKE balance in the game, start by accessing your wallet on the left-hand side of the primary interface, or click the "+" icon next to your CAKE balance. This will allow you to import your coins into the game's wallet. Once completed, your CAKE balance will be visible in the game. Please note that the game acknowledges only the CAKE balance available in the game wallet and does not recognize any CAKE balance in the BSC wallet.

Q: Why didn't I receive staked CAKE after the season ended while I was in AFK mode?

A: Staked CAKE will return to the reward pool after the season. To get it back, you need to claim it from the staking pool system manually.

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