PancakeSwap v3 Launches on Linea: Experience Industry-Leading Low Trading Fees, Elevate Liquidity Provider Returns, and Maximize Capital Efficiency

GM PancakeSwap Community,

We are delighted to announce that PancakeSwap v3 has officially launched on the Linea Mainnet, following our successful deployment as a testnet ecosystem partner. This momentous event marks a new era for Multichain DeFi, as we bring potent features and enhanced functionalities to our vibrant community. Our collaboration with Linea will deliver an exceptional trading experience with lower fees, increased liquidity provider returns, and improved capital efficiency. As we expand to multiple chains, we invite you to join us on Linea PancakeSwap and participate in the "Traverse the Treasure Islands" Galxe campaign, where you can earn loyalty points and exclusive access to celebratory NFTs.

Introducing Linea: Empowering Ethereum Scaling

Linea, previously known as ConsenSys zkEVM, is a revolutionary Layer 2 scaling solution powered by ConsenSys. By leveraging zero-knowledge proofs with full Ethereum Virtual Machine equivalence, Linea enables faster transaction speeds and reduced gas costs without compromising security. Developers can seamlessly create or migrate Ethereum apps without code modification or smart contract rewriting. Linea also offers native integrations with popular tools like MetaMask and Truffle, empowering developers with flexibility and scalability on the zkEVM. The Linea public testnet was launched on March 28th, 2023, and has since opened up exciting possibilities for Ethereum scaling.

Paving the Way for Multichain DeFi

Our partnership with Linea during the testnet ecosystem phase underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the DeFi space. This collaboration has allowed PancakeSwap users to gain valuable knowledge about Layer 2 scaling solutions and the Linea platform and contributed to developing and adopting decentralized financial solutions. We encourage you to explore the testnet announcement to learn more about the exciting progress made during this phase.

Unleashing the Power of PancakeSwap v3 on Linea

PancakeSwap v3 on Linea introduces two main features, including advanced Swap and Liquidity Provision functionalities, allowing users to seamlessly trade their favorite tokens and participate in liquidity provision directly on our platform. Whether you're an active trader seeking quick token swaps or a liquidity provider looking for passive income, PancakeSwap v3 on Linea offers a seamless and efficient experience that sets new standards in DeFi.

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1. Maximizing Capital Efficiency with PancakeSwap v3

Capital efficiency lies at the heart of PancakeSwap v3's philosophy, empowering liquidity providers to concentrate their capital within specific price ranges where most trading occurs. By optimizing asset utilization, liquidity providers can significantly enhance their earnings. PancakeSwap v3 enables liquidity providers to achieve an impressive capital multiplier of up to 4000x compared to v2, unleashing the potential for maximizing returns.

2. Enhanced Trading Features for Traders

Traders on PancakeSwap v3 also benefit from enhanced features on Linea PancakeSwap. Introducing multi-tier fee structures ensures that traders enjoy the lowest trading fees in the industry. With fee tiers ranging from 0.01% to 1%, traders can select the fee structure that aligns best with their trading preferences and the liquidity pool they are engaged with. PancakeSwap v3 on Linea delivers an unparalleled trading experience with capital-efficient trading and lower slippage.

Join the "Traverse the Treasure Islands" Campaign - Explore the Potential of Linea PancakeSwap

We are thrilled to reveal our fourth destination and island for the "Traverse the Treasure Islands" campaign on Galxe. Engage in exhilarating tasks that will unlock new possibilities for future multichain development. By participating in social media and on-chain activities on Linea, users can earn loyalty points on our Galxe leaderboard, granting exclusive access to celebratory NFTs from the campaign. Get started here, and for complete campaign details, visit our announcement page here.

If Linea incentives are provided to Pancakeswap, we intend to share them with various stakeholders, including the CAKE community, CAKE stakers, projects contributing to PancakeSwap's development, and ecosystem contributors. Linea has not communicated any incentives of this nature to this point. Hence, we encourage our users to actively participate in the Linea ecosystem and seize the opportunity to join our "Traverse the Treasure Islands" Galxe campaign

We anticipate the exciting opportunities ahead as PancakeSwap v3 takes its momentous leap onto Linea. We are thrilled to work hand in hand with other projects, developers, builders, and our vibrant community as we continue to push the boundaries of Multichain DeFi. Together, we can foster innovation, drive adoption, and shape the future of decentralized finance. We invite you all to join us on this remarkable journey as we unlock new realms of possibility and create a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Stack 'em,

The Chefs

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