PancakeSwap Airdrops 2.4 Million ZK Tokens to the Community

GM PancakeSwap Fam,

We are excited to announce that PancakeSwap will airdrop 2,452,128 million ZK tokens directly to our community. This initiative recognizes and appreciates our community's ongoing and continued support of the ZKsync PancakeSwap development.

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ZKsync PancakeSwap Achievements and Milestones

Over the past year, PancakeSwap has made substantial strides on ZKsync, implementing essential features such as seamless Swaps, Yield Farming, Prediction Markets, Fiat On-Ramp, Position Manager, and Syrup Pools. These efforts have resulted in impressive milestones, surpassing 3.6 billion USD in trading volume, 5.8 million USD in total value locked (TVL), and over 1.9 million total traders.

ZK Airdrop Distribution Criteria

The ZKsync airdrop is structured to reward both longstanding contributors who have supported our journey and newcomers who engage actively with PancakeSwap.

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*For veCAKE Managers, specifically StakeDAO and Cakepie, they will distribute 100% of the Airdrop to their ecosystem users, across liquid locked CAKE stakers and LPers. We have included their treasury addresses for this distribution.

Note: Qualifying under Category (1 and 2) also allows participation in Category (3), allowing you to maximize airdrop benefits by continuing to contribute liquidity and trade actively on PancakeSwap.

Selection Criteria

1. veCAKE holders: This allocation rewards veCAKE holders for their loyalty and steadfast support of PancakeSwap. By incentivizing continued engagement in our platform, we aim to strengthen our community base and foster long-term commitment from our most dedicated supporters.

2. Past contributors: We have selected users who have actively contributed to the ZKsync PancakeSwap ecosystem through various means, such as trading, providing liquidity, participating in the ZKsync Traverse campaign, using the ZKsync Prediction product, and voting in ZKsync gauges. These contributors play a crucial role in the functionality and growth of our ecosystem, ensuring liquidity and activity that is vital for its sustainability and success.

3. Future contributors: To sustain growth and development, it's essential to incentivize upcoming traders and LPs to engage with ZKsync PancakeSwap. By including this category, we encourage ongoing participation and innovation within the ZKsync ecosystem. Rewarding future contributors helps drive continuous growth, particularly in total value locked (TVL), which is aligned with the chain team’s forward direction and pivotal for facilitating trading activities and revenue generation for the protocol. Users of other categories are also encouraged to participate in this initiative.

Each category has been chosen strategically to acknowledge and encourage different forms of support and participation within the ZKsync PancakeSwap community, ensuring a well-rounded approach to community engagement and growth.

Calculation Process

To ensure retail users receive a meaningful amount while larger users are proportionally recognized, we have applied scaling to the following allocations:

  • (1) veCAKE Holders,
  • (2a) Past Liquidity Providers,
  • (2b) Past Active Traders, and
  • (2d) Past ZKsync Prediction Users

A power of 0.65 to 0.85 has been applied to the data, ensuring larger users receive a representative amount (e.g. traders who are responsible for ~90% of the volume will get ~63% of the Past Active Traders category).

This ensures retail users receive a meaningful amount of allocation, on average, ~7x more than if scaling was not applied.

How to Claim the Airdrop

Currently, the airdrop distribution is only open for Category 1 and Category 2 users. Categories 3 will be distributed in the future.

For Category 1 and Category 2 users, connect your eligible wallet to the PancakeSwap homepage to claim your ZK tokens. You will receive a pop-up notification (as shown below) guiding you through the process. Simply click the "Claim" button, and your ZK tokens will be deposited directly into your wallet within minutes. Gas fees are on us! Thanks to ZKsync’s unique paymaster feature, we can completely subsidize your gas claim costs.

2024-07-05 16.33.38.jpg

Please be aware that the claim window will open at 10:30 UTC on July 5, 2024, and close at 10:30 UTC on August 5, 2024. Any tokens not claimed during this period will be reallocated to the PancakeSwap ecosystem for future development and community initiatives.

Stay tuned for updates on the airdrop distribution for Categories 3.


Please note that residents and citizens of certain jurisdictions may be restricted from participating in the ZK airdrop. Before participating, you must ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Upon receiving the airdrop, you agree to adhere to PancakeSwap's terms and conditions, which are available for review on our website.

Onwards and Upwards

At PancakeSwap, we are committed to fostering a thriving community and rewarding our users for their dedication to our platform. The ZK token airdrop exemplifies our appreciation for the support and engagement of our community members. We invite you to participate actively in this opportunity to benefit from the airdrop and continue shaping the future of DeFi with PancakeSwap.


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