PancakeSwap Rolls Out the Position Manager Feature on v3
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PancakeSwap v3 introduces the Position Manager, a powerful tool designed to enhance the user experience for liquidity providers. We’ve partnered with elite protocols to provide you with a range of strategies for optimal LP position management such as Automated Liquidity Provisioning without ever going out of range and Auto-compounding of Liquidity Provision rewards.

Why do we need a Position Manager?

One of PancakeSwap v3's core features is capital efficiency. Liquidity providers can concentrate their capital within smaller price intervals, enabling them to select custom price ranges when offering liquidity. This focused liquidity ensures capital is optimally utilized in high-trading areas. However, this advanced feature in v3 can be complex for some users, and that's why we've developed the Position Manager.

Introducing Position Manager

Position Manager is a collaborative integration between PancakeSwap and elite protocol partners, offering a suite of strategies for optimal Liquidity Provision (LP) position management. This means no more manual LP configurations or complex calculations. Users can effortlessly select trading pairs and preferred protocols, executing their strategies through our user-friendly Position Manager interface.

Key Benefits of the Position Manager:

-Auto-compounding LP rewards: Say goodbye to gas fee concerns! Position Manager automatically reinvest rewards from liquidity provisions (LP), harnessing the power of compound interest.

-Automated LP without going out of range: Integrated protocols handle tasks like creating and staking liquidity positions, rebalancing, and harvesting rewards. They adjust price ranges, harvest fees and reinvest them, optimizing returns and mitigating impermanent lost risks.

-Seamless integration with top protocols and strategies: We’ve collaborated with elite protocol partners to provide you with a range of strategies for optimal LP position management.

How to use Position Manager on PancakeSwap

1. Navigate to Earn, visit Position Manager page. Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 4.53.15 PM.png

2. Pick Your Trading Pair, Manager and Strategy: Choose your desired trading pair for liquidity provision.

1:2.png Note that multiple managers or strategies may be available for the same trading pair. Learn more about them in the "Info" section.

3. Click “Add Liquidity”, and choose how much asset you want to provide. 2.jpeg

4. Click “Approve” then “Confirm”, you will need to confirm the transaction in your wallet pop-up.



5: Once set, your assets will be deposited, and the Position Manager will automatically adjust and rebalance to maximize trading fee rewards. If market dynamics shift your position out of the optimal range, the tool will recalibrate accordingly.

5.jpg *Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Diversify with elite protocols

Our Position Manager is designed for seamless interoperability. Explore a range of strategies from our integrated protocols, tailored to align with your risk profile. Please note that the user experience may differ among our partners. Stay updated with our announcements and follow our guidance accordingly.

Whether you're a experienced liquidity provider or new to DeFi, PancakeSwap's Position Manager is tailored just for you. Embrace the revolution, diversify your strategies using various vaults, and together, let's elevate the DeFi experience!


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