Stake WBNB on PancakeSwap to Win Combo Rewards: $5,000 Extra Reward Pool

We're thrilled to announce an exciting new campaign that adds a flavorful twist to our Fixed-Term Staking product! Dive into our WBNB Fixed staking Combo Rewards campaign, where staking WBNB earns you a shot at a whopping $5,000 extra reward pool plus the regular APR reward.

Campaign Duration: From March 26th 1100 AM UTC to April 9th 2024 23:59 UTC

How to Participate:

During the campaign period, you need to stake your WBNB tokens for 90 days in the WBNB simple staking pool here. By staking, you automatically qualify for our Combo Rewards, giving you the chance to earn from our extra $5,000 reward pool.

Part 1: Lucky Draw for Stakers ($1,500 USDT)

  • Stake a minimum of 0.1 WBNB for 90 days here.

  • 100 random lucky winners will be selected to win $15 each.

Part 2: Stake More to Share More Rewards ($3,500 USDT)

Stake WBNB for 90 days and earn your share from a $3,500 reward pool. Your share depends on the amount of WBNB you stake compared to the total WBNB staked by all new users during the campaign. Here's how it will be calculated:

Your Share = (Your Staked WBNB with 90 days duration / Total Staked WBNB) * Total Reward Pool


Let's say during the campaign, a total of 1000 WBNB is staked. You stake 100 WBNB for 90 days. Your share would be calculated as: Your Share = (100 / 1000) * $3,500 = $350

If you stake WBNB multiple times during the campaign, your total share will be the sum of all the times you staked. For example, if you staked 1 WBNB for 90 days on the first day, then again staked 5 more WBNB midway through the campaign, and then again staked another 10 WBNB at the end of the campaign, your total staked WBNB would be 1+5+10 = 16 WBNB. Your share of the reward will be calculated based on the 16 WBNB so that you can stake it multiple times.

You can track your share of reward here:

How to Stake:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the end of the campaign.

  • Only new WBNB staked during the campaign will count for Combo Rewards; existing stakes locked in pools will not be eligible. If your WBNB is already staked in the simple staking pool, those WBNB are not eligible for combo rewards. However, if you want to stake more WBNB during the campaign, then you are eligible for rewards. Only newly staked WBNB are eligible for combo rewards; existing WBNB staked in the pool are not eligible.

Get ready to stake, earn, and win with PancakeSwap's Combo Rewards! Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to sweeten your staking journey.

Happy Staking


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